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Abby Winters review posted: 2016-04-22
Abby Winters
Bottom line is that Abby Winters is a fantastic resource for amateur hardcore featuring girls having sex with their real boyfriends. You'll find all types of sex acts with a huge amount of passion. Combined with a huge library spanning fifteen years, great quality, and regular updates and you've got a recipe for one of the best hardcore porn sites out there!

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Huge Collection of Amateur Porn, Many HD Videos and High Resolution Images, Daily Updates
Older Content is Not as Hight Quality, Streamed Video Quality Could Improve

95% - Outstanding!

Abby Winters Review – Real girls having real sex

Abby Winters is an amateur porn site that has long stood out as one of the best paid sites on the web with their real amateurs. It ranks highly in nearly every category and has won quite a few awards over it’s 15 plus years in operation. The premise at Abby Winters is simple: “Real girls having sex with their real boyfriends.” There’s also lots of amateur lesbian, group sex, and solo action as well but regardless of what particular sexual niche is being performed, the bottom line here is that this is real amateur content, not pornstars pretending to be amateurs like happens on so many other sites. Another great site for authentic situations check out Mike's Apartment where beautiful girls stop by Mike and pays for their stay in naturals.

The models at Abby Winters are as varied as the trees in the forest. You’ll find every shape, size, and color fucking, sucking, and masturbating their way through orgasm after orgasm on this site. The girls here are all natural and the sex is as real as it gets. That’s precisely what makes Abby Winters so popular. You’ll get everything here from straight sex to more fetish oriented content like pissing, upskirts, and girls inserting all manner of objects into their holes. We love the playful attitude of the site and the girls really appear to be having a lot of fun – hey, with the type of sex they’re having who wouldn’t?


Quality on the site is top notch.

You’ve got multiple options for videos including wmv and mp4. The newest content comes in super HD and looks absolutely fantastic. There’s definitely something a bit odd seeming about watching amateur content with great production and HD video but Abby Winters manages to pull it off like a champ! The picture sets are also great in terms of both content and quality. You’ll get images up to 4k downloadable in zip files.

In terms of content, well let’s put it this way: the site has been online for over 15 years so as you can imagine they’ve managed to compile quite a collection of amateur porn in that time. There really is a lot – we’re talking over 1,500 hours of video and more than 220,000 images. Even as far back as 2010 you can see videos in HD and generally speaking, the other content is very high quality as well. You’re very unlikely to find another amateur site with such high quality and so much of it! The orgasms here are all real and you really get a sense of how much the couples like to be with one another which is definitely a step away from what you typically find at porn sites.

Speaking of “finding” content, navigation at Abby Winters is very easy and intuitive. Browsing is made simple with a categories tool that lets you choose yoru favorite aspects and then narrows down the selection accordingly. You can create favorites lists as well and also search by model characteristics, as well as member ratings and comments. Generally speaking the layout is a little bit different than other sites but with a little practice you’ll be a pro.

In addition to a great library of content, you’ll also get access to a thriving members area. Users interact with one anther on the Abby Winters community forum and sometimes even the models come on to talk with members and answer their questions. In terms of “getting to know” the models there are fantastic model bios with lots of information about each girl. The scenes are also well labeled and described and additionally there are “behind the scenes” videos that shoe what happens off camera at the Abby Winters studio. In addition to that, there are also periodic live shows, which are free for members to enjoy.

If that wasn’t enough, Abby Winters maintains it’s position as one of the top paid porn sites by offering users daily updates. That’s right, every single day you’ll find a new selection of videos and picture sets.


All in all Abby Winters is a fantastic amateur porn site.

There aren’t any gimmicks here – these models are the real deal and the sex they’re having is the same sex they have all the time with their lucky boyfriends and girlfriends. Yes, some of the older content is a little bit lesser in terms of resolution quality but you can expect that with a site that’s been around for fifteen years. That fifteen years means experience and time has shown Abby Winters to be one of the best. If you love amateur porn then don’t waste another minute and head on over to check it out!


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95% - Outstanding!