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ALS Scan review posted: 2016-04-01
ALS Scan
Bottom line is that ALS Scan is the place to be for amateur girls who keep their pussy nice and shaved and are ready to get fucked hard. The quality is absolutely stunning and easy navigation features plus daily updates definitely go a long way towards making this a site membership worth considering. There's no question that this is one of the best amateur porn sites on the web!

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Fantastic HD VIdeos, Daily Updates, Great Navigation Features
Older Content Lacks in Resolution Quality, Model Bios are Pretty Skimpy

92% - Outstanding!

ALS Scan Review – Hardcore scenes with shaved pornstars

What the hell is ALS Scan and why is it called that? Those were my first thoughts on seeing this site name. Turns out that ALS stands for “All Ladies Shaved” and scan, well I guess that’s what you do on the site when you love ladies with smoothly shaved pussies! Other than that, there’s nothing consistent with the content on this site, and let me tell you, that’s a great thing! There’s something for everybody at this site. Whether you want girl on girl action, self fisting and insertion with massive objects, or some good old fashioned hardcore guy – girl fucking, you’ll find it here. The only thing the videos have in common is that all the girls are as bald as the day they were born! We've also reviewed Wow Girls where you'll also find a ton of all shaved beauties.

ALS Scan hosts some great content – many of the videos are super high definition 1080p and the picture galleries also host a large number of crystal clear, high resolution images clocking in at an astounding 17mpx. Updates occur daily on the site and generally alternate daily between videos and photo sets. Needless to say, you’ll get access to a fantastic library of super high quality videos and pictures with fresh new content every time you login. Photos are available in three sizes, all of which are available in handy zip files for easy downloading. Watching videos is a simple affair with the streaming player. You can choose between 4 resolution settings while watching online, or download in mp4, avi, or wmv. With over 1,200 videos and 500,000 images, there is enough content here to last even the most devoted porn fiend a very, very long time.

Navigation at ALS Scan is almost as pleasurable as sitting back and relaxing while watching the fantastically high quality videos on this site. Featuring an advanced search tool, finding exactly what you’re looking for is no problem. Narrow your search results down to hometown, hair color, breast size, shaven, unshaven, you name it and you’ll find a filter for it. In addition to this, they've also gone to the trouble to create an impressive list of categories and tags to further help you in your search for that perfect video or image set. If you want to see what other people are excited about, it’s also possible to browse videos and models by user popularity. No matter your browsing or searching preference, there really is something for everybody on this site.


It almost seems like there are no limits to what happens on this site.

I spent a bit of time exploring ALS Scan and let me tell you, this is one amazing site!  Just when you think you’ve seen something completely unique and hot, then you find that there’s another video or set of photos that’s not only just as great, but perhaps takes the bar even higher. Take for example, by affinity for girls with glasses. That was an easy tag to find and soon I was enjoying a great video featuring the sizzling duo Daisy Haze and Marina Angel get freaky with one another on the couch. A little while later, very pleased with what I had found, I came across another video featuring Daisy in a lumberjack outfit swinging an axe while her shirt flies open to expose her sex naked body beneath. Hell, you might even discover fetishes you have that you never knew existed!


All in all there's a lot of good things happening here!

We’d like to see more info in the model bios and the site has been around awhile so the older content is not up to the high-quality standards of the newer stuff. That said, you’ve got 100% exclusive content, all of which is unique and fantastic porn! If you love shaved women and want to see them in everything from solo masturbation to hardcore sex scenes then you’ll love what you can find at ALS Scan!


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92% - Outstanding!