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Bang Bus review posted: 2016-03-21
Bang Bus
Bottom line is that Bang Bus is still going strong in providing the best amateur porn featuring gorgeous cuties picked up on the side of the road for a good hard fuck. It's unscripted, available in HD, and includes access to one of the biggest and best adult networks available today! Sound good? You bet!

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New Content is HD, Exclusive Content, Network Access
No Advanced Search, User Complaints

85% - Very good

Bang Bus Review – Drive by pickups of hot college girls

Alright, I’ll be the first to say it, the dudes over at Bang Bus are some sleazy mother fuckers! That said, because of that particular characteristic, they’ve managed to create one of the most popular, and successful, reality porn sites on the web! If you’ve never heard of this site then perhaps you’ve been cloistered in a monastery for the past ten years. The action here is hot, and centers around amateur girls getting picked up and coerced into fucking while getting driven around town in exchange for cash. Yeah, some of the commentary by the dudes involved is less than gentlemanly, but hey, we’re talking porn here!

There’s no question about it that the content here is as hot as it was on day one. It’s in and of itself entertaining to watch as the girls change from giving shy, nervous responses, to spreading their legs, dropping their panties, and begging to be fucked harder and harder! This is true, blue amateur action and if that sort of thing excites you, then you’re going to be in heaven on this site. What’s more, this is part of the BangBros Network and you know what that means….total network access is included with your membership to this site! That, by itself, is a damn good deal but considering how excellent the content here is, it’s doubly awesome!

The amount of content here is impressive on it’s own. With more than 600 videos available, well, let’s just say that this bus get’s some extremely good mileage! The scenes consist of a video and accompanying photo gallery, and all the content is downloadable to your personal computer. Otherwise you can watch in the embedded flash player, which still looks great!

High quality content right up there with today’s standards!

Speaking of looking great, the overall quality available here is definitely getting better and better as time goes on. With the newest clips being added in full 1920x1080 HD, there’s no reason not to love that crisp clear resolution as you watch a young twenty something get fucked raw in the back of a speeding van! As you probably expect, the older the content, the worse the quality. This collection has been around for awhile and the oldest stuff is definitely at a much lower resolution than today. There’s no reason that should be surprising though – enjoy it as a historical timestamp of tramp stamps!

Navigation on the site, is, like other network sites, not really that awesome. I mean, there’s nothing really wrong with it, but then, there’s nothing really to it either. You won’t find an advanced search option, and in fact, the only means of browsing is to arrange by upload date. The design is also fairly lackluster though if you’ve spent any time at all on the other network sites, then you’ll definitely know what we’re talking about. It would be nice to see some additional nav features, as well as the addition of a model index. Hopefully we’ll see that included in the future, but given it’s pretty much consistent across the board, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Still super fun even after al these years!

There’s something about the ridiculousness of this site that keeps us coming back again and again. It’s fun, it’s wild, it’s offensive, and it definitely satisfies any urges for true amateur hardcore porn. These days the quality is good and updates are still coming, albeit at a slower rate than they once were. Top it off with network access and there aren’t a lot of reasons to dislike Bang Bus. Check it out and don’t be surprised if you find yourself going on many rides with this crew in the near future!


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85% - Very good