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Girls Out West review posted: 2016-05-02
Girls Out West
Bottom line is that the girls in Australia are well represented by the hot sexbombs found on Girls Out West. You'll find all sorts of different content at this great site featuring a clean layout, frequent updates, and plenty of high quality videos. No matter how you like it, there's no denying that these girls are ridiculously sexy and this is one of the best Australian porn sites on the web!

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Great Layout and Advanced Search, HD Videos, Daily Updates
Older Content is Not As High Quality

90% - Outstanding!

Girls Out West Review – Gorgeous women from down under 

Girls Out West…. We’re not talking California, in fact, you’ve gotta travel an entire ocean to get to these girls! This site focuses on amateurs from down under and man oh man are they scorching! The site is female owned and promises loads of sexy videos featuring amateur guys and gals who are out for some fun and don’t mind being filmed in the process. There’s no question that Girls Out West is one of the best paid sites on the net. No matter what you’re into, you’ll find plenty of great content here to suit your wildest fantasies.

From the start, we see that there are a lot of solo girl videos. These girls appear very natural and at ease with what they’re doing yet at the same time, they’re definitely not pornstars. Seeing the girls at Girls Out West makes you want to stop where you are, book a ticket to Australia and find yourself one of these wild, sexy ladies. In addition to solo masturbation content, you’ll also find insertions, guy/girl action, as well as a variety of fetish scenes.

The layout of Girls Out West is definitely a strength of the site. With a clean design and efficient browsing features, finding what you’re looking for is an easy task. The site features an advanced search tool, which gives users the ability to search based on very specific parameters such as breast size, hair color, etc. You can even search for things like whether or not a girl has any piercings, tattoos, or smokes. Talk about getting specific! In addition this great tool, you can also browse a model index. The model pages feature links to all of their content on the site in addition to a well-written bio that covers some basic about each girl.


In terms of quality, Girls Out West definitely stands out as one of the best porn sites on the web.

All of the newer content is released in full HD. The scenes are crisp and clear – there’s not much more you could ask for here with 1080 pixels and sizes up to 8,000kb. Some of the older content lacks this sort of quality, but the videos themselves are still good and with time we’ll likely see them upgrading their older content to match everything else on the site. Picture sets are also great with high-resolution images offering large, impressive shots. Each set is downloadable via zip files to your personal computer.

The content at Girls Out West is 100% exclusive and updates occur on a daily basis. Each login will find you with new videos and pictures to enjoy and thankfully, they don’t show any signs of slowing down! Additional features include erotic stories and a community area featuring discussion forums as well as chat sessions with the models themselves. We particularly liked this feature because of the added sense of community that it added. We were already impressed with the great model bios and scene descriptions, but when we discovered that it was actually possible to talk with the models and interact with other users, we even more so!


Girls Out West is a fantastic site featuring gorgeous women from down under

With an easy to use and pleasant layout, not to mention regular updates and gorgeous models, this site is a no brainer when it comes to deciding whether or not to join. You’ll find models engaging in all types of sex acts from solo scenes to more extreme niche scenes and the quality, especially with the newer stuff, is absolutely top notch. Go ahead and give this one a try, we’re sure you’ll like it!


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90% - Outstanding!