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Homegrown Video review posted: 2016-04-29
Homegrown Video
Bottom line is that Homegrown Video is one of the best amateur porn sites on the net. There's literally something for everyone in this huge library of user submitted content. Whether you want hardcore sex, group sex, or just some good old fashioned masturbation you'll find real people getting down and dirty on what is arguably one of the best amateur porn sites out there!

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Huge Library of Amateur Videos, User Submited Content, Good Quality Content
No Compressed Image Sets, Download Limit

86% - Very good

Homegrown Video Review – Real people having real sex

If you’re in it for the fucking and love reality porn, then it’s about time you visited the award winning Homegrown Video. These guys have been at it since 1992 and are still going strong. Homegrown Video is the place to see real couples having real sex – plain and simple. You’re not going to find any pornstars or studio level production here, but you will find plenty of hardcore amateur porn in pretty much every possible niche you can think of. Are you in search for more of the "real life" scenario porn then you should surely check out Mikes

Upon first visiting the site you might be a wee bit intimidated by its size. To be honest, we were – I mean, with over 15,000 videos and more than 1,400 photo galleries, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Thankfully with age comes experience and that’s just as true with Homegrown Video. Videos and Pictures are conveniently divided by buttons at the top of each page. In addition, users have access to an advanced search tool that really allows you to get specific with what you’re looking for. In addition there are categories to assist you in browsing if you just want to wander about and have a look at what’s available. Additionally you can see what other members are watching at the time of your visit as well as see the most popular videos based on member rating or number of comments. There really are a lot of ways to navigate this site and you can tell a lot of thought has gone in to making it as easy a process as possible. In the amateur department another of the greats is Karups Homegrown Amateurs.


Resolution quality varies but the content is great

.Now, keep in mind that the quality of the content here is going to vary dramatically by from video to video. That said, there’s a lot of high-quality stuff on here. The site really shines when it comes to downloads. You can either choose to take the whole full-length video or cut it down to the specific clips that you like best. Unfortunately there aren’t any compressed file formats for downloading pictures so it can get a bit tedious if you want a lot of them.

Considering that a lot of the content hosted here is submitted directly by members themselves, it stands to assume that there’s a pretty good community of people using this site. That’s very much the truth and Homegrown Video takes extra steps to facilitate the interaction between members. On offer is the ability to not only create a profile (though accessing profiles seemed difficult), but also to chat and private message directly with other users. In addition there are a variety of user forums for group discussion. In addition there is even a tool that allows you to request new videos from specific users. Time to make some new friends!

Since most of their content is user submitted, there’s not really a clear update schedule that seems to be followed. Even from taking a glance at the “recent videos” it’s not clear just how recent they are, or if they’re actually in the order of most recent. That said, they do have 15,000 videos so they must be adding new ones at some point! As a point of reference, their page says they update daily which may very well be the case.


All things considered, Homegrown Video is still one of the best reality porn sites around

The strength of Homegrown Video, and the reason it has remained so popular over the years is that it is one of the web’s true archives of authentic amateur porn. In addition to a massive library of videos and photos, you also get the ability to take part in their extensive user community. Sure, there are a couple issues but if amateur porn is your thing then this is definitely a site that you should know about. Trust us, you’ll definitely find a lot to like at this site!


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86% - Very good