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Public Agent review posted: 2016-04-24
Public Agent
Bottom line is that Public Agent features fantastic pick up scenes of gorgeous Czech women. These girls are hesitant at first, but with the promise of making a few hundred bucks are more than happy to get depraved on camera. Trust us, if you like the best casting porn or reality porn then you'll want to see this site.

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HD Video, Exclusive Content, Large Library
Navigation and Pagination Issues, No Photos

92% - Outstanding!

Public Agent Review – Czech babes getting slutty on camera

There’s something magical about Public Agent and if you enjoy casting porn, or any other sort of reality porn for that matter, then you’ll no doubt find a lot to like on this great site. The setup here is definitely a bit more believable than a lot of other sites of the same kind. That could be due to the fact that the girls don’t speak English, but in fact speak Czech. Oh wait, did we say Czech? If you know anything about porn, then you know that there are a lot of Czech women in the industry and this in large part due to the fact that they may very well be some of the most gorgeous ladies on the entire fucking planet! Seriously, if you’ve never had the pleasure of fucking a Czech woman, then you need to drop what you’re doing, fly to Prague and check out some tight Czech pussy! Okay, you can also just have a look at this site too!

You’ve definitely seen this setup before. A guy (it’s all shot POV, so maybe you’re that guy) walks up to allegedly random ladies and gets them to come back to his ‘office’ to fuck. Okay, okay, so these probably aren’t just random women, but it sure seems a lot more believable when you don’t recognize them and they don’t speak English! Typically the girls are a bit reluctant, but after some monetary lubrication (sometimes for as much as 1-2,000 dollars, though often much less) they agree and before they know it are on their knees with a cock in their mouth, getting fucked against the couch, and sometimes getting pumped full of hot sticky cum! The girls don’t even ask that this random dude use a condom – this is some skanky, hot sex, no question about it!

A good sized collection of high quality content!

The collection, on the whole, is pretty big. With more than 350 videos (and new updates getting added every few days) there is definitely a lot of content to enjoy here. You won’t find any photos, but the videos themselves are definitely enough and are very high quality. All videos are available in crisp 1280x720 HD and they really do look great! You can download the entire library as well in either MOV or WMV files. Otherwise you’ll enjoy the built in streaming flash player.

In addition to the content hosted right on the site, your membership also nets you access to an entire network of similarly themed sites. On the Fake Hub Network you’ll find yourself able to access Fake Taxi, Fake Agent UK, and a number of other sites. The concept behind them is all the same, so if the idea of a fake casting agent fucking women picked up off the street is appealing to you, then you may have just hit the motherload!

While the design is overall pretty good, there are a few issues that keep them from earning high marks in this area. Pagination gets pretty bad when browsing – so much so that it’s actually annoying. There are a number of browsing features and members can rate videos as well as create favorites lists. We’d like to see more in the way of scene descriptions, and there’s not an effective search function either.

Gorgeous Czech babes getting fucked right off the street!

There’s not a lot to complain about when you’re talking about the most beautiful women in the world getting fucked! You’ll quickly surmise that not only are Czech women hot, but they’re pretty slutty too and are definitely down to fuck even with a total stranger! Regular updates, high quality video, and network access give us confidence in recommending this site to fans of the genre. Sure, their design and navigational features could use some work, but all in all this is a solid site!


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92% - Outstanding!