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Real Punting review posted: 2016-06-19
Real Punting
Bottom line is that Real Punting takes reality porn to a whole different level with great hardcore scenes featuring real life prositutes getting nasty with their actual clients. If you live in the area where these ladies are, there are even links to their personal sites and sometimes other contact information! Easily a top amateur porn site!

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Unique Content, Easy Navigation, HD Video
On the Expensive Side, No Extras

83% - Very good

Real Punting Review – Real hookers having real sex

You’ll be excused for any confusion upon first seeing the name Real Punting. If you’re British, then you already know what’s up and are probably chuckling to yourself as you read this but if you’re unfamiliar with the term, then you’ll be happy to learn that “punting,” to the folks that call that tiny island with Empire building tendencies home, refers to fucking prostitutes. In this case, the girls actually are prostitutes and the action is raw and real, so hence the full name Real Punting. While we still don’t know about the name, if there’s one thing for sure it’s that the exclusive action here is raw and definitely something any fan of reality porn will wan to check out!

A sizeable collection featuring many girls!

These guys have been around for awhile and it definitely shows, both in the quality of the content that’s getting added these days, as well as in terms of the size of this impressive collection of prostitute porn. If this is a niche that gets you hard, wet, or anything in between, then you’ll definitely find a lot to enjoy here. All in all you’ll find more than 375 scenes featuring a video, usually covering about 30-60 minutes and an accompanying photo set. They also appear to be quite good about giving info on the girls and the scenes. You’ll find out some physical characteristics of the girls, for example if they have fake tits or not, as well as sometimes more personal info.

Quality-wise this isn’t at the absolute top of the pyramid in terms of HD specs, but then again, it’s a pretty niche amateur site so the HD that we see is definitely acceptable. You’ll enjoy WMV available in 1280x720 and 6000k, as well as the option to play videos in two other formats at lower quality. The pictures, unfortunately, are not high resolution but they’re pretty enjoyable all the same. The good news here is that a vast majority of the scenes are available in HD. Sure, it’s not the best of the best but it’s definitely crisp and enjoyable to watch.

One of the most interesting aspects of the site is that you too can actually fuck these girls if you feel so inclined after watching them get railed by pasty, chubby white dudes on this site. Each scene includes the link directly to the girl’s personal sites and some even give more contact info if you want to give them a ring. Keep in mind that these aren’t pornstars. These are true amateurs when it comes to shooting porn and they come in all shapes, sizes, and looks. That said, if you love amateur reality porn it really doesn’t get much better than this. Oh, and the updates? Well you’ll be happy to find out that new content gets added every single week. If you happen to be a working girl looking to get in on this gig, then you’ll also find a link to apply on the main page!

There are a couple of negatives – the first being our typical gripe that there’s no advanced search tool. You also won’t get anything in the way of bonus sites (maybe a 10 percent off coupon once a month to use with the girls would be a nice gesture!) and if you’re trying to access it from your phone then you’re going to be SOL because it’s definitely not mobile friendly.

True amateur reality porn featuring a large number of escorts from the UK!

Chances are pretty good that if you clicked on this review then you’ve got a thing for escorts. Maybe you’ve visited them yourself, or perhaps just the thought of doing so turns you on. If that’s the case then you’ll find plenty to like about Real Punting. This is doubly true if you like British ladies. With HD video and regular updates, this should definitely be on the list of those who enjoy the company of ‘ladies of the night!’


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83% - Very good