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Sell Your Sex Tape review posted: 2016-04-19
Sell Your Sex Tape
Bottom line is that Sell Your Sextape is a novel adult website concept where couples tape their sex lives for an entire week and turn it in in hopes of being featured and in the process earning a couple grand. Unfortunately it updates very infrequently as that's kind fo the nature of such a site but definitely worth looking at as it's one of the best reality porn sites on the web!

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Unique Concept, Video Length is Long
Average Quality Video, Download Limits, Navigational Features

79% - Good

Sell Your Sex Tape Review – Real couples having sex on cam

Sell Your Sex Tape is an amateur porn site with an interesting premise. Basically, it’s exactly what the title sounds like! Real life amateur couples record their lives for an hour a day for seven days and then turn it in. As compensation, the couples receive two thousand dollars. I’ll be some of you right now are thinking about how you’d like to get in on that action! We will go ahead and say that the site is small, and it’s pretty basic in terms of design, but it definitely makes up for that in originality! For absolutely authentic amateur action (try saying that five times fast) you can’t do too much better than this!

A small site full of exclusive content.

In terms of quantity, this isn’t a big site. You’ll currently find around 34 couples, each with 7 hours of video to view. It’s not all straight hardcore sex, however, as many of the videos contain other aspects of the couples lives. It’s kind of like getting a personal view into the lives of these couples for an entire week. Unfortunately there aren’t any pictures. This is strictly a video site, so if images are what you’re after then you’ll need to be heading elsewhere.

The quality definitely varies – remember, this is homemade content. Some of it looks great, and others, well, we just had to keep reminding ourselves that this is authentic homemade content. That said, the lighting is generally good, and we’re not by any means talking about over pixilated scenes where it’s difficult to tell what’s an arm and what’s a penis!

As far as an update schedule goes, since it’s entirely based on what submissions they get (and we imagine they receive some that don’t get accepted) there’s no official word on how often you’ll get new content. In fact, it would actually seem that they might not even be updating at all anymore. Even so, it’s still a good source of truly authentic amateur content.

As far as design and layout go, things are kept simple, but quite easy to figure out. It’s a pleasant design that doesn’t distract you from the content at hand. That said, it’s very simple and there’s little in the way of navigational features. Actually, we should say that there are no navigational features. This isn’t too big of a deal at the moment, however, since there are so few scenes.

One point that is a bit of a detractor is the fact that there is a download limit in place. It’s six gigs, though, so that’s enough to get an entire scene, or seven videos, in a single day. Again, not something major to gripe about at this point in time, though down the road I might be a little more critical.

It’s pretty simple, and it doesn’t update, but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless!

Sell Your Sex Tape is a great idea that seems to have gotten off to a good start only to fall away into nothing after some time. We can’t say for sure, but it doesn’t look like they’re updating at all. Further, the lack of navigational tools, and the amateur look to the website don’t do much to give it major positive points. It’s definitely worth the cost of joining to check out the videos if this is what you’re into, but you’re probably not going to want to re-up once your first month is over.


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79% - Good