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Yanks review posted: 2016-05-12
Bottom line is that Yanks is definitely one of a kind with beautiful women who love to show off their real orgasms on camera. Watch these girls rub one out and shake with orgasmic pleasure right there on your screen. With new HD content getting updated on a regular basis there's a lot to appreciate at this top masturbation site!

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New Content Is HD, Great Exclusive Scenes, Advanced Search Features
Older Content is Not HD

88% - Very good

Yanks Review – Reall girls and real orgams

Alright, so you’re like me, exploring the web in search of real girls and new, great porn, and you come across a site called Yanks. You won’t be judged if the first thoughts that come to your mind are a.) Girls giving hand jobs, or b.) Guys standing in a circle and jacking each other off. Well, I’ll surprise you and say neither a, nor b, are correct. This site is actually all about girls – and girls pleasuring themselves at that! If you’re like me then you absolutely love the site of a woman having an orgasm, and to be fair, in my case it really doesn’t matter if it’s on her own or through other stimulation such as a tongue, plastic toy, or rock hard cock. Regardless, there’s a lot of girls cumming at this fantastic site and you’d be hard pressed to miss giving it a visit! Even more real girls can be found in our reviews of Bang Bros Network and also Reality Kings to name just two of the greats.


Quantity is definitely a plus at this great site.

Currently there is somewhere just over 1,800 videos hosted alongside 1,200 or so galleries. Keep in mind that they update daily so this is likely to increase rather quickly. Already a large collection of videos with plenty to satisfy you for the foreseeable future, with regular updates occurring at their current frequency you’ll never run out of great videos of girls pushing themselves to orgasm.

In terms of getting around, there’s a lot going on here that assists the average user in their quest for the perfect video. In addition to a great layout, you’ll also be able to take advantage of an advanced search tool with very detailed filters that you can use to narrow things down to a selection of videos. You can also save favorites and comment on scenes in addition to sorting videos by popularity and upload date. There had definitely been some thought that has gone into this design and it really shows!

Quality, on the other hand, is not the most standout point of the site. On the upside, they are putting all new content into HD. That said, a lot of the old content is at a much lower quality though to be honest, it’s no less hot. If you’re the type of person who loves true amateur porn that features real people cumming then this is definitely a site that you’ll enjoy which offers a much more polished version of that. New videos are HD and come in at 1280x720 and that’s definitely a step in the right direction. With the great content they have, I can only hope that they will continue to move in this direction in the future!

And let’s just spend a few more minutes talking about the content. This is great stuff if you’re into real girls and real orgasms. Period. The girls here are unscripted and the women who film them let them go at it just as they would in private at their own homes, office, or wherever they decide to pleasure themselves. This is what makes Yanks great – it’s as real as you can get without having a live girl right in front of you and then in that case you’d probably rather fuck her, now wouldn’t you!


If it wasn’t clear by now, we’re big fans of Yanks.

Not only do they offer a great site with authentic, exclusive content, but the quality continues to improve and navigation is definitely considered. If you love watching girls cum, and we mean real girls really getting off (not pornstars pretending to cum), then you’ll be enraptured by what you find at this site. Trust us, Yanks is definitely worth a visit, if only to see what they offer!


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88% - Very good