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It’s praises have been sung about in countless rap songs. You’re either a boobs guy, or you’re an ass guy. And if there’s anything that’s sexier than a tight round butt, well, then I just don’t know what it is. This category is all about butts. Huge butts, tight butts, round butts. If you like ass, then you’re going to love the content at these sites. Whether you want some hot Ebony ladies with the right cushion for the pushin at Round and Brown, or you’re after the best Brazil has to offer at Mike in Brazil, we think you’re going to enjoy finding out about the best butt sites on the web. Some of these feature butts, and butts alone, while others take things to a much spicier, hardcore level, with cocks pounding in and out of huge badonkadonks. In short, if you consider yourself a butt man (or lady), then don’t waste any more time. Take a look at our carefully crafted reviews and learn what makes the biggest, baddest butt sites on the web the best!

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