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Ass Parade review posted: 2016-06-13
Ass Parade
Bottom line is that Ass Parade does a great job of providing the biggest asses in the business in excellent quality hardcore scenes. You won't find asses like these anywhere else (well, mabye if you spend some time in Brazil). Bottom line, if you like bit butts, we're not lying, get on over and check out this top ass site for some asstastic fun!

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Exclusive Content, HD Video, Network Access
No Advanced Search, Limited User Features

85% - Very good

Ass Parade Review – Asses that will make your jaw drop

You can’t really go wrong with a site name like Ass Parade. Something about it just draws you in only because you want to see what sort of hilarity will ensue. Well, we don’t know about hilarity, but what we do know is that this is one of the best sites on the web for guys who like a little, no wait, a lot of extra meat in the badonkadonk. The girls here rock huge asses and they love to show them off. If you consider yourself an ass man and you haven’t check out out this site before, well, you’re in for both parts elation (at finding such a phenomenal site for your pornographic loves) and depression (at not having found it sooner!). Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy all the bodacious butts getting nasty at this Bang Bros Network site!

Size is definitely something you do not need to worry about at this site. Whether it’s the enormous asses bouncing up and down on hard cocks, or the huge archive that they boast spanning many, many years of the web’s juiciest butts, you’re covered at this great site. With the collection currently coming in at just under 600 scenes, each including a video and accompanying photo set, this is a sizeable collection by anyone’s measure. What’s more, your membership will also net you access to the entire Bang Bros Network. In no time you’ll be exploring one of the best hardcore networks on the net including sites like Bang Bros, Monsters of Cock, and many more!

Updates currently occur on a weekly basis, with usually each week seeing the addition of one new scene. While this isn’t terrible, we’d personally like to see more than one scene getting added per week. Industry wide you’ll find a lot of major sites are doing just that, and by only adding once a week, it really puts you behind some of the competition.

The actual quality of video here is definitely top notch. You’ll find all new content available for streaming and download in full 1920x1080 HD and I don’t think we need to tell you that it looks absolutely fucking phenomenal! That said, the older content (remember, this site spans over a decade) is definitely much lower quality with some only available at 640x480. Photos tend to look quite good as well, though again, this depends on the age of the video. Luckily, all new content is getting added in great quality HD – we’d just like to see more of it!

One area that we were particularly disappointed with is with the design and overall layout. You won’t find any advanced navigation tools to help you explore the increasingly large collection and browsing options are a bit limited as well. The annoying part though, wasn’t that, but rather the presence of a large number of advertisements in the member’s area. Come on guys, it’s annoying to pay for a site, only to be bombarded with ads. This is definitely a major member complaint. Aside from that, the overall layout is a bit cluttered (definitely not made better by the ads) and seems like it could use a modernization overhaul.

Ass men and women will definitely find a lot to enjoy at this big bottomed site!

While it probably won’t satisfy the wants of anal sex fanatics (there’s some, but not a ton of it on the site), those who appreciate a big ass will definitely love the content produced by the folks at Ass Parade. With increasingly great quality content and an already large library, this is a great option for fans of the niche. There are some annoying aspects related to layout, and we’d like to see a much more consistent and frequent update schedule, but by and large if you like your women with an enormous rear then this is one of the best sites out there for you!


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85% - Very good