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Celebrity Movie Archive review posted: 2016-03-23
Celebrity Movie Archive
Bottom line is that Celebrity Movie Archive is definitely worth checking out for fans of celebrity sex tapes and nipple slips. The amount of content is definitely impressive though the slightly unorthodox payment plan may annoy some. Like we said though, it's a huge library so that may be exactly what you're looking for in a top celebrity porn site!

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Some HD Content, Huge Library
No Advanced Search, Payment Plan May Annoy Some

86% - Very good

Celebrity Movie Archive Review – Nude celebrities and videos

Are you a fan of celebrity sex tapes? For many, there’s something about seeing the intimate moments of a world famous celebrity that really does something to get them off. While that’s not my case, I can definitely understand folks wanting to see what freaky stuff the stars are up to. Evidently it’s a pretty common fantasy because there really are a huge freaking number of these sites. One of the biggest is the aptly named Celebrity Movie Archive. These guys definitely go above and beyond in terms of stocking their site with the latest in celebrity nude scenes, sex tapes, and nipple slips. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to find out why this is easily one of the biggest and best celebrity pay sites on the web!

If there’s one thing for certain, this is a massive collection!

The range of content here is huge. There are straight up sex tapes that these celebrities never thought could possibly end up in the public realm (that was stupid!) as well as intentional celebrity tapes that are for lack of any better description easily just called pornography. You’ll also find nude scenes and sex scenes from all your favorite movies that you used to jack off to as a kid in your parents basement late at night (hey, are you getting red?). The site hosts a ridiculous number of celebrities – something around 9,000 and that amounts to nearly 40,000 videos, which is, well, completely nuts. They boast that the site is totally exclusive though that’s clearly completely bullshit. A lot of this content is stuff you can easily find, uh, at your local video store? That said, it is a one stop shop for this sort of content and as we pointed out, there is a huge fucking lot of it! Basically, if you like celebrity erotic content then this is definitely something you’ll want to check out.

Quality wise you’re looking at a situation kind of similar to the claims of exclusive content. They advertise HD (it’s not the newest specs, but is 720p) and many videos show the tag, but in reality only some are. You’ll find some HD video but definitely not a ton of it. To be honest though, that’s what you’re going to find on most celeb sites so I wouldn’t put that as a major mark against them. Just something to keep in mind when you’re shopping around for a new celebrity porn site.

Site navigation is pretty so so and that’s about par for the course when it comes to celebrity sites. You’ll find a few browsing and search options, but in general this is pretty basic stuff. With the size of this collection it would really be helpful to have more advanced features to help with searching and browsing. Otherwise the site looks okay – the design is easy to follow and as we’ve pointed out, there’s no lack of celebrity videos so you’ll be covered there!

While the site is generally speaking one of the much better celebrity sites out there – definitely when it comes to quantity – there is one aspect that is just foolish in my opinion. In an effort to be unique, they’ve gotten rid of a monthly membership, and instead opted for a pay as you go sort of thing. Find a video you like, whip out your credit card, and soon you’re watching. Doesn’t sound too bad when you put it like that, but consider this: there are no previews. Nope, you can’t watch anything beforehand. Hmm, well that definitely causes some issues with deciding whether to turn over your hard earned cash or not. That said, they do offer very detailed scene descriptions, so assuming you trust those and find them to your liking, then you’ll be good to go for the premise as a whole. As far as streaming options go, yes, you can stream, though they don’t all appear to work all the time and yes, you’ll be paying for that as well. Our opinion? Just charge a monthly membership.

A massive collection, yes, but some things worth considering.

There’s no question that this is a great collection of celeb porn content. You’ll find everything here, and more. With updates happening daily (and a lot daily at that) there’s no sign of slowing down, at all! That said, if you choose to go for Celebrity Movie Archive then you’ll also have to abide by their method of payment which can be a little frustrating, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to flit between videos in search of something that’s perfect for your mood at that particular moment. That’s a pretty big issue in our books, though the site still definitely gets points for it’s enormous library.


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86% - Very good