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Burning Angel review posted: 2016-04-20
Burning Angel
Bottom line is that the girls at Burning Angel are truly something wild and different than what you find on most porn sites. The action here is smoking hot with super high quality HD and frequent updates to an already large collection that will keep you coming back as much as you can to this top hardcore site!

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Unique and Original Content, Regular Updates, HD Videos and High Res Pics
Older Content is Lesser Quality, Some Content is Not Exclusive

90% - Outstanding!

Burning Angel Review – Tatted up girls who love to fuck

Did you go through a goth faze in high school? Are you still in that phase or do you identify with the punk scene? If so, then you may find a lot to like about Burning Angel, “the original home of hardcore punk rock emo porn” on the net. You’ll find punk girls, Goths, lots of tattoos, and emo chicks in all sorts of hardcore action on this porn site. What’s more, there’s a fantastic community space for members to interact with one another and explore this great alternative porn site.

Not only does Burning Angel have a very original theme, but the content is one hundred percent exclusive and you bet we believe it when they say it. We’ve never seen porn quite like this and let me be the first to tell you, it’s absolutely fucking hot! The models are gorgeous girls, often heavily tatted, who strip down and get nasty with whoever happens to be around. You’ll see hardcore pounding, cumshots, blowjobs and more. What makes this so much hotter than other porn sites is that the girls look like a serious amount of fun. That’s what is great at Burning Angel – it’s actually just fun to explore the site because the content is not only amazingly hot, but also extremely unique.


It's not just about being different, they've got tons of content too!

In terms of quantity, you’ll find over 1,100 videos on the site as well as over 2,000 photo galleries. There are currently 300 or so models hosted on the site and you’ll surely find one or two who suit your fancy. In addition to browsing the content you can also chat with other members, see what’s happening on the forums, and enjoy a wide range of features hosted on the blog, which includes interviews with performers as well as a unique and often entertaining editorial area. In short, this is not just a porn site, but a community space for lovers of alternative porn. The members on the site are very active and often you’ll find some of the performers getting in on the fun as well. There’s a real community feel here and we were, to say the very least, extremely impressed by it.

Updates happen weekly and typically include a few new scenes and associated image galleries. If you happen to find a girl who turns you on like none other before you can check out her bio to read up on what turns her on, gets her off, and other fun details. The scene descriptions are also well done and if you’re not getting the picture yet, we were generally quite impressed with Burning Angel as a whole.

Okay, so we typically include some areas to work on and there’s definitely a couple at Burning Angel. First and foremost, it would be nice to see more advanced search features (you’re probably not surprised we said that) for even better browsing and searching capabilities. Also, as is to be expected, some of the older content is not as high quality as the new stuff. It’s still great though so we can definitely get over that.


All in all this is a fantastic alternative to other major porn sites.

The girls are scorching hot and the sex is, well, even hotter! You’ll find all variety of sex acts here and the community aspect really takes things up a notch to make Burning Angel stand out amongst other porn sites. If you’re anything like us then you’ll love the forums, chat areas, and blog that really help to build and intensify the sense of community on the site. If you’re looking for something a little different, or you’re just super into punk/goth porn then this is definitely a site you’ll want to check out.


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90% - Outstanding!