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Hippie Goddess review posted: 2016-03-28
Hippie Goddess
Bottom line is that Hippie Goddess definitely stands strong when it comes to a large collection of unique content. Navigation and organization are definitely issues but it's hard to complain about the content. Check this out if you enjoy the best softcore erotica and are looking for something a little different that involves natural women and nature!

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Exclusive Erotica, HD Content, Niche Content
Navigation and Organizational Issues

85% - Very good

Hippie Goddess Review – Natural ladies in the nature nude!

Those looking for something a bit more spiritual in their erotica should definitely consider having a look at the impressive Hippie Goddess. This isn’t really a porn site, per say, but rather an impressive collection of nude images featuring natural women that hark back to the ‘back to nature’ movement of the sixties and seventies. The ladies here are stunningly gorgeous, completely natural, and nude against backdrops of deep woods, waterfalls, and other nature scenes. Sound like what you’ve been searching for all your life? Read more to find out why this is a top erotica site on the net!

A good sized collection for a relatively small niche

All in all, there aren’t too many sites like this out there in the world of online porn. Most of the scenes are composed of a solo girl and the predominant mode of shooting on the site is through photographs. That’s not to say that you won’t find videos, but the ratio of photos to videos is definitely in favor of the former. In total you’ll find nearly 1,000 different photo sets and somewhere close to 100 videos. As we said, most of this is solo content featuring gorgeous nude women posing in nature, but there are some scenes with guys thrown in as well.

In terms of quality, generally speaking the collection is quite good. You’ll find high resolution pics for all the newest galleries, and the newest videos are available in full HD. Older content is much lower in terms of resolution quality, but it’s still great in terms of what’s being shown. All the content is downloadable and zipped photo sets are available in a couple different size options. Videos could be better as they’re only available for download in WMV. Unfortunately, what you see is what you get and there’s aren’t any bonuses included with your membership here. That said, updates do happen regularly with new scenes getting added in the amount of about two per week.

One area that definitely could use some work is with navigation. Yes, this is a common complaint on adult sites in general (they really just can’t seem to keep up with the times!) but here they really need to have a look at things. There’s no pagination meaning you’re left with a next and previous buttons for all browsing, which you pretty much must do to find content. You can use the search engine, but not knowing necessarily what you’re looking for leaves you wandering the couple of categories to find something that fits what you’re in the mood for.

A great collection for those who love natural women and nature!

Without a doubt, this is a unique site with niche content that you’re not likely to find elsewhere. That said, it’s also pretty dated. Navigation and organization are an issue meaning that you’re left with very little to help you get around the site. The site also generally looks pretty dated as well. Content wise though, they’ve got updates coming in on a very regular basis and it’s definitely good stuff! If you’re a fan of hairy, natural women in softcore erotic photo shoots then you’ll definitely do well to check out Hippie Goddess!


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85% - Very good