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We Are Hairy review posted: 2016-05-08
We Are Hairy
Bottom line is that We Are Hairy is definitely one of the top sites on the web for fans of hairy women. The girls here wouldn't dare shave and love to get nasty on camera. You'll love the frequent updates, great HD content, and already well established library! Definitely one of the best hairy porn sites out there for fans of this niche!

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Excellent Niche Content, Large Library, HD Content, Daily Updates
On the Expensive Side, Some Might Like More Hardcore Content

91% - Outstanding!

We Are Hairy Review – Love their women hairy and natural?

A lot of sites promising “hairy” women just come up, well, short of hair. That’s not the case at We Are Hairy, which is frequently referred to as one of the best paid porn sites for this particular niche. In addition to a large library featuring gorgeous women with some serious hair, the site shines in other ways including a great layout and easy navigation, as well as super high quality and frequent updates. For fans of hairy pussies and “natural” women, this is a veritable Shangri-la of hairiness. Two other of our recommendations if you can't get enough of hairy bushes are All Japanese Pass and Girls Out West.

The content really goes above and beyond in what is offered to users and what you get along with your membership in addition to the basics like pictures and videos. For our primary purposes though, we’ll start there. The videos feature a wide range of different types of girls including different ethnicities and body types. The one defining factor amongst them all is that they have their fair share of hair (try saying that five times fast!). Primarily you’re looking at solo content though there’s also a significant amount of girl on girl action as well as guy/girl sex scenes. Again though, it’s not so much what is happening in the scenes as the fact that all these girls are gorgeous, natural, and hairy. In addition to hairy pussies, you’ll also find hairy legs, hairy arms, arm pits, and more.

You’ll be happy to know that the majority of videos show in full HD. Even the streaming flash browser features good quality videos (though they’re not HD). Picture sets are impressive and feature 3,000x2,000 high-resolution images. In addition to downloading standard zip sets, you can also compile your own from different galleries across the site. I’ve seen this on a couple of different sites and I’ve gotta say that each time I’m impressed (I mean, seriously, who really wants 120 pictures of the same girl in slightly different poses?).


In addition to those basic features, you’ll also get access to live shows as well as model interviews.

They keep old shows in an archive so you can also access those as bonus content as well. In terms of quantity, the site hosts some several thousand scenes with videos and picture sets for each. You’ll be happy to know that updates occur daily and frequently feature both a video and a picture set.

Navigation is another major plus with a simple, clean layout that is easy to find your way around. There’s also an advanced search tool that allows great flexibility in really narrowing down your search. In addition to that, you can also browse scenes based on upload date or by category. There are a large number of niche categories and simply browsing and exploring the site is a pleasurable activity in and of itself. Even more, you can also venture into the model index where you’ll find great bios for each girl. At the time of writing there were approximately five hundred models meaning you’ll have plenty of new faces to explore. Bios contain links to videos and picture sets and these also feature well-written descriptions and have excellent basic information.


There are a couple of downsides but those are relatively minor when all is said and done.

First, I’d personally like to see more fucking. I mean, I know some people enjoy the softer side of things but this site would do well to host a few more videos featuring hairy girls getting pounded by rock hard cocks. Yes, there are some, but there could definitely be more – I mean, it’s not as though they advertise as a softcore site! Also you’ve gotta keep in mind the price tag – a membership here will set you back 34 bucks a month which is quite a bit more than your average site. You’re not getting any extra sites here either so it does seem like a bit much. That said, it is niche content and it’s niche content done extremely well.

Those minor things aside, We Be Hairy is a fantastic site for lovers of hairy women. You’ll find a wealth of great content in addition to some great extras. As well, you’ll also find a site with a great layout and excellent navigation features to help you make the most of your time there. This is definitely a worthwhile site for those who love hairy women!


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91% - Outstanding!