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Hard X review posted: 2016-06-13
Hard X
Bottom line is that Hard X definitely succeeds in offering up a great selection of hardcore scenes featuring a number of famous pornstars. The action is hot and the quality is definitely high. Unfortuantely it's not a huge site, and there aren't any extras, but what's here is definitely worth checking out. If you are a fan of the best hardcore porn on the net, you'll definitely want to have a look here!

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Great quality HD, Frequent Updates
No advanced search, no extras

90% - Outstanding!

Hard X Review – Excellent hardcore scenes with hot pornstars

It goes without saying that a visit to Hard X is going to leave you feeling a bit, excited, to say the least! This hardcore porn site from female director Mason pulls out the stops to provide some of the biggest pornstars in the business in some seriously hardcore scenes! This is gonzo and glam porn like you’ve never seen! We’re talking double vaginal penetrations, and more content of a similar ilk. If you like pornstars pushing their boundaries, then you’re definitely going to want to see what’s going on over here – it may just blow your mind, as well as your load!

This is a rough collection, no question there.

Seriously, this isn’t just your typical porn termed ‘hardcore’ and is definitely not for the faint hearted. If you like your sex scenes with rough throat fucking, seriously hard gangbangs, and double and triple penetrations that make most sex scenes look like tame couples masturbation sessions, then you’re going to enjoy the nastiness on display here!

We particularly enjoyed the 10 Guy Blowbang featuring dirty sex goddess Megan Rain who confidently takes on cock after cock after cock until she’s a covered in sticky white cum. At one point as the group of dicks surrounds her one guy pulls her head back roughly by her neck and forces his cock down her throat from behind. I’ll be some of you are hard right now just reading that!

Perhaps what impressed us the most was just how high quality this collection is. With excellent production – including everything from the scene layout to the lighting, to the scripting – and video quality to match, you’re in for a treat with these scenes. In terms of video, you’re looking at full 1920 x 1080 HD for everything. Yes, that’s right, it’s all crisp, clear, and when blown up on a big screen, some of the best hardcore porn you’ve likely ever seen!

In terms of amount of content, unfortunately we’re not talking about a huge collection, which would be great because this is some incredible hardcore porn!. That’s namely due to the age of the site – it’s relatively young, and currently with around 200 videos, they’re not doing too bad. Videos come out every week so the issue of a small collection shouldn’t last too long. Besides, if you love gonzo porn then you’re going to forget all about that fact when you see just how great these scenes look!

In terms of extras, there aren’t any bonus sites included in your membership but there is a blog that occasionally releases special photo sets and previews of future scenes.

The design of the site looks great with a professional appeal that reflects the production quality at this studio. There aren’t any advanced navigational features, though it’s not particularly difficult to get around. Some issues to arise with pagination when trying to get further into the collection by browsing you have to go one page at a time and it becomes a bit bothersome. As they get larger these issues will become more problematic so hopefully they’ll soon address them (hint – get an advanced search tool!).

A solid collection of professional gonzo porn!

If you enjoy the wilder side of hardcore porn then you’re definitely going to find a lot to like at Hard X. With a roster of famous faces into some seriously hardcore sex, you’ll definitely enjoy exploring this impressive, and increasingly large, collection. Add to that fact that they’re updating two to three times a week and you’ve got a lot of reasons to check out this site for some raunchy adult fun!


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90% - Outstanding!