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Penthouse review posted: 2016-04-11
Bottom line is that Penthouse is a household name throughout the world and those of you who've enjoyed porn for some time probably have seen a lot of their stuff. This top porn site continues on the tradition of quality that started with the magazine giving users a huge library of great quality hardcore content featuring the most famous faces in the industry.

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HD Content, Large Library, Bonus Features
Older Content Not as High Quality, Little to no Modle Info, No Advanced Search Tool

90% - Outstanding!

Penthouse Review – Classic hardcore scenes from a master!

Okay, so this probably isn’t a new name for most of you. Perhaps those in the earlier years of adulthood won’t have heard this name, but for every other man in the world this is what we used to go to for our hardcore porn! Penthouse, originally only available in print format, has been around for more than thirty years. In that time they’ve become known as one of the top adult media producers in the world. At the tail end of the nineties, Penthouse made the transition online and have been going hard ever since. If you’re a fan of classic porn, or if you’re just feeling nostalgic and want something to remind you of your teenage years holed up in a tree house out in the woods with stacks of illicitly commandeered magazines, then you’re definitely in the right place!

Penthouse, as professional as the first time you saw it!

The first thing you notice when visiting the site is that this is without question a professional outfit. The models are absolutely stunning and have a very established look about them. The money that goes into these shoots is above and beyond what many studios have so as you might expect, the quality is superb. You’ll find everything from solo scenes to lesbian and hardcore all shot in great locations by professionals who have become well known in the industry. If you liked (or still like) the magazine, then chances are you’re also going to like the website!

It goes without saying, but this is an enormous collection! Think about it, we said these guys have been hard at it for three decades. That’s a lot of time to make porn! At current you’ll find more than 3,700 videos and 4,800 photo sets. The models hosted on the site number just under 2,000 meaning you’ll have a lot of fun finding familiar faces, as well as meeting new ones that will quickly get added to your list of favorites! In terms of viewing, users can opt to watch in the browser via streaming flash player, or choose to download in mp4 or wmv. You’ll find both clips and full length movies depending on if you want the whole thing, or just the best bits!

Quality is on the whole, pretty damn good. The actual video production and photography is, as we’ve already mentioned, excellent. In terms of actual video resolution quality, you’re looking at videos playing at 1280 x720 and 7000k. These definitely look good and even the most seasoned porn aficionado will find a lot to like here. Personally, I’d like to see them take it to the next level with full HD 1920x1080 HD but hey, they’re Penthouse and they can do whatever they damn well please!

Finding your way around such a big site might at first seem intimidating, but by and large that’s not the case here. You’ll find a number of sorting options, as well as a hand model index and category list to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. To be honest, though the current tools are adequate, they could probably do to invest in an advanced search tool. Additionally, the model directory lacks information for the girls themselves. These ladies are goddesses, let’s find out about them! Finally, as long as we’re talking about layout and design, there were more ads than I like to see in the member’s area.

Come on, how can you not like Penthouse!

There’s no denying that these guys have been in it for the long haul. Happily, Penthouse definitely stands up to the test of time delivering a site and user experience that easily rivals the best internet porn sites. Sure, there are a few things we’d like to change, but by and large this is a solid site that does justice to the lineage that is Penthouse. Check it out!


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90% - Outstanding!