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In The Crack review posted: 2016-04-23
In The Crack
Bottom line is that In The Crack is a great site for fans of close up pussy shots. Hundreds of models call this site home and are featured playing with their pussies and inserting things into them. With super high quality close ups and a library spanning over 1,000 scenes, this is definitely one of the best pussy close up sites out there!

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Great Collection of Up-Close Porn, Fantastic HD Videos and High Resolution Pics, Frequent Updates
Older Content Shows Age, Site Design is a Little Aged

91% - Outstanding!

In The Crack Review – Take ass worship to a new extreme

Lovers of up close pussy and ass shots will love the content at In the Crack. This is niche content and focuses on extreme close up images and videos of girls stuffing things in their pussies, spreading their pussy lips and ass cracks, as well as a fair amount of masturbation and pissing.  There’s no question that there’s a lot of crack here and there doesn’t look to be a shortage anytime in the near future. With regular updates to their huge library of content, crack lovers of the world will quickly find out what makes In the Crack one of the best paid porn sites on the web when it comes to great ass! For more delicious behinds take a look at our review of Whipped Ass.

At In the Crack you’re looking at one hundred percent exclusive content featuring more ass worship than a rap video. Whether you’re into anal and vaginal insertions, girls rubbing themselves and making themselves wet, pissing, squirting, or any other niche area of porn dealing directly with the ass and pussy, you’re sure to find what you’re seeking at In the Crack. This is ass worship taken to a whole different level. When you visit In the Crack, it feels like you’ve come to worship at the veritable temple of ass.


You're looking for quality, well quality you will find!

Besides hosting a great library of niche porn, In the Crack also has some of the highest quality images and video of any porn site out there.  A huge majority of their content is featured in stunning HD quality. Videos come in at 1920x1080 and averaging bitrates of around 8,000. Needless to say, these clips look absolutely fantastic. These are some of the best up close shots that we’ve ever seen. If there’s nothing that gets you off more than the site of a beautiful woman’s tight ass or sweet, pink, pussy then you’ve come home.

The pictures are equally impressive featuring high resolution and large formats to give you every possible view of those great asses. Not only great in terms of quality, the production of these shots is also great. The photographers really know how to get down in there to capture the best ass and pussy views that we’ve seen.

With over 120,000 pictures and nearly 1,100 videos, the quantity available at In the Crack is a great feature as well. Sure, there are close up areas of other sites but none of them come close to matching the content here. The guys behind In the Crack keep a rigorous update schedule as well. You’ll typically get an additional 2-3 shoots available per week and sometimes even more. The content is all-downloadable in a number of file formats and resolutions.

Navigation on the site is a simple affair. A handy drop-down menu at the top of the screen offers a variety of categories to help you find the specific content you’re looking for. Besides that the layout is basic and to be honest, does show it’s age. We’d like to see the addition of an advanced search feature and it would be nice if they would consider updating the “look” of the site. That said, this is still the best place on the web to find extreme close ups so you can’t complain too much!


Taking all of that into consideration In the Crack is the best resource for close up porn and ass worship on the web

. If you’re looking for great videos and pictures of girls playing with their pussies or just simply giving great, close-up views of their asses and pussies, then you’ll love the content at this site. Not only that, but you’ll get new content multiple times every week and the quality is consistently superb in every possible way. You’ll definitely feel like you’re getting your money’s worth with what you pay for at In the Crack!


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91% - Outstanding!