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LezKiss review posted: 2016-06-15
Bottom line is that Lez Kiss turns on the quality when it comes to their fantastic videos. The sensuality and passion is evident in each scene and the girls are damn hot too! Unfortunately the collection is still pretty small so here's to hoping they continue to add more scenes and flesh this top porn site out!

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Great Quality HD, User Friendly, Exclusive
Small Collection, No Keyword Tags

80% - Very good

LezKiss Review – Lesbian scenes with a focus on kissing

If the site of two beautiful women making out gets you hornier than a rabbit in heat, then you’ll definitely want to see what’s happening at the very accurately titled Lez Kiss. The women here are very much into what’s going on – and what’s going on is absolutely scorching. Basically, two hot ladies hook up with things starting off with a hardcore make out session. That’s definitely where the focus of the video lies, though you’ll also find plenty of pussy licking and scissoring, as well as toy play too. This is definitely a top lesbian site for those who want to see authentic scenes of passion playing out between two women.

The library itself here is not the biggest, but then again it’s also a relatively young site having been around for just a year. That considered, they’re doing alright with members currently enjoying more than 110 high quality videos. Unfortunately they don’t date their videos so you’ll quickly realize that it’s a bit difficult to see just how often they’re coming out with the new content, though from what we noticed, it seems like new scenes are released every 1-2 weeks.

A small, but great looking library!

Okay, so it’s a small, albeit growing collection. How’s the quality? Well, you’ll be happy to know that all the content is available in full 1080 HD. The pictures also look great with high resolution images coming in at 3,000 x 2,000. Yes, these are incredible, and yes, you want to see them. Just a note, each gallery contains somewhere around 300 pics – these aren’t just stills, but a lot of great quality images to accompany the videos! Content can be viewed in HD right on the site, or you can download it all right to your computer. Vidoes are available in wmv and mp4, while pictures come packed up (thankfully given how many there are!) in zip files for easy downloading.

Finding your way around the site is simple thanks to a clean, well designed interface, though the actual tools for doing so are basic at best. You’ll find a model index to browse, or you can view content based on when it was added but otherwise there’s no means by which to search out specific types of content. Given that all the scenes are pretty much the same, and the collection is small, that’s not that big of an issue at the moment though as they continue to grow it will definitely become one if they don’t take steps adjust. Unfortunately there isn’t any info in terms of scene descriptions or model bios – we’d love to see more info on these sexy, sensual beauties!

A great collection of sensual girl on girl scenes with a focus on kissing!

While the make out sessions are the big focus here, don’t think that you won’t find plenty of hardcore girl on girl sex as well. This is a great collection for fans of the niche, though there are a few issues with vague update schedules and a lack of any real navigational features. Adding scene and model descriptions would also be a great touch and one we’ll continue to look for in future reviews. That said, there’s no getting around the fact that these scenes look great – check it out! We’re sure you’ll agree!


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80% - Very good