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Pornstar Network review posted: 2016-04-10
Pornstar Network
Bottom line is that Pornstar Network offers users a great option for access to a massive library of porn. This DVD archive let's you watch a seemingly limitless amount of porn. Some of the sites on the network don't update anymore, meaning that your favorite niches may not get a lot of action these days. Even so, this is one fo the top pornstar sites on the net and is definitely worth checking out!

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HD video, Huge Network Access, Massive DVD Library
Some Sites Don't Update, Lots of Upsells, Non-Exclusive Content

90% - Outstanding!

Pornstar Network Review – Huge hardcore archives!

Are you looking for hardcore sex scenes, and lots of it? Well look no further than the enormous library at Pornstar Network to satisfy that craving! Don’t think we’re kidding when we say this is a big site. With more than 40 different sites featuring tons of great hardcore sex scenes featuring the hottest pornstars in the business, this is your go to source for all the best porn! The sites cover a wide variety of niches and themes meaning you’re never pressed for finding something that suits that particular moment’s fancy. These guys know what they’re doing when it comes to offering great scenes featuring big name pornstars and are easily known as one of the top paid porn networks on the web.

One of the biggest collections of DVD porn around!

As we said, this is a freaking huge collection! You’ll find a jaw dropping 80,000 or so scenes on the entire network comprised of around 10,000 DVDs. In addition to that the network hosts a huge number of photo galleries – at writing somewhere around 12,500 thousand. If that doesn’t have you sweating in horny anticipation, know that you’ll also find an incredible number of famous faces gracing the pages of this network. With 12,000 pornstars currently calling this network home, this is easily one of the biggest resources of its kind out there.

If you’ve spent any time reading our reviews, you know that the big things we look for are quantity and quality above all other factors. Sure, there are plenty of other aspects that make a site good or bad, but those are the ones that you, as a porn fan, are most concerned with. In the case of this huge site, the quality is also excellent with full HD for the more recent scenes. We’re talking excellent quality 1920 x 1080, knock your socks off HD. The production level is also at the top of the game with professionally shot, well thought out scenes that rival the best out there. Keep in mind that we said the ‘most recent’ material is HD, there’s also plenty of older content that’s much weaker in terms of specs. That makes sense for a network this large but in any case it’s well worth knowing before you opt for a membership.

Updates occur across the network on a regular basis with many new videos and galleries getting uploaded each week. While that does sound like a lot of new content – and it is – there are some sites on the network that don’t appear to update at all anymore. Basically par for the course with this type of site.

Navigation and design win these guys strong marks for a clean site layout that offers multiple browsing and search features to keep users happy as they seek out their favorite scenes. You’ll find a wide range of categories and tags, not to mention a very efficient linking system so you can see related content without any work at all. If browsing is your thing, then you’ll enjoy the ability to sort based on ratings and upload date, as well as being able to create your own list of favorites for easy viewing later on.

One area that may prove to be a big negative for users is the fact that the content here isn’t exclusive. Remember, these scenes are taken directly from DVDs – that means that they are out there in the big wide world (most likely collecting dust in adult video stores). If you look at it from the perspective that for a low monthly fee you get access to a huge amount of content, then that makes it seem like not that big of a deal.

Another negative aspect is the fact that spending any amount of time in the member’s area of this network finds you assaulted by a huge number of upsells. Yes, this sucks and that’s about it! Come on guys, get with the program!

A solid collection at a good price, but with some negatives.

At the end of the day, this is still a great hardcore porn network. If you’re into pornstars and like the idea of being able to access a huge number of adult sites with access to one easy network, then this is definitely an option worth considering. You could think of Pornstar Network as being kind of like having your own personal library of hardcore DVDs in the cloud. That said, there are definitely some areas of the site that could use improvement. All in all though it’s still a solid option if this is the sort of membership you’re looking for.


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90% - Outstanding!