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Life Selector review posted: 2016-06-23
Life Selector
Bottom line is that Life Selector is an interesting take on your typical hardcore porn site featuring a 'story' where based on the choices you make whether or not you'll get to the sex (but don't worry, almost all of the story possibilities end in some sort of sexual act!). If you're tired of the usual fare, then this is a great option to liven things up. One of the best hardcore porn sites out there!

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Unique and Addicting Concept, HD Video
No downloads, No advanced search option

84% - Very good

Life Selector Review – Choose how the story goes

Did you love the choose your own adventure stories as a kid? You know, the ones where it would say something like: You’ve come to a dark house. Do you A.) Knock on the door, B.) Throw a rock at the window, or C.) Walk behind the house? Depending on your choice, something would happen to progress or end the story. Well, with the porn site Life Selector, you get to do exactly that only the store is all about you getting, or not getting, to fuck a gorgeous pornstar! In terms of uniqueness, this is definitely one of the top sites in our book. Read on to find out why you should choose A.) and check out this awesome site!

So you’re probably wondering exactly how this works. To be honest, it’s not all that complex, though the final product is definitely something that we can foresee as being the future of interactive porn. You’ll find prerecorded scenes that end with an option. Depending on your choice, the scene will progress in one direction or another. As things turn from tame to more hardcore, you’ll have to spend credits (that’s where the billing process kicks into play). Choose option B.) cum inside her pussy, and you’ll get to see her reaction which is, well, for lack of any other way to say it, pretty awesome.

Great quality content adds to the unique concept!

While the unique content is fantastic, the actual video quality is also quite good. You’ll be happy to find 1280x720 HD, that looks fantastic. There is definitely no skimping when it comes to great quality content at this site. The actual amount of content here is impressive as well. With a total number of scenes coming in at around 1,000, this is definitely an impressive set of content.

So how exactly does pricing work, you may be wondering. You buy credits, and the more you buy, the better deal you get. On average you’ll find that your money extends to about 25 cents per minute of video play. Remember, this only kicks in as the scenes become more explicit – this is actually pretty addicting, and genius on the part of the creators. On the plus side, once you’ve paid for a scene, you’ll never have to pay for it again. Go back to that same scene and selection to relive the experience and you’ll find that the option is now free.

One aspect that ma y prove somewhat frustrating is that you can’t actually download any of the content. It would be great to be able to take the path you’ve chosen and then download that particular set of scenes. Unfortunately, for the time being, that is only a pipe dream though it definitely seems within the realm of possibility. In addition to that, there aren’t any photos so if that’s your bag, then you’ll definitely find this site lacking.

Navigation on the site is generally quite easy. Considering that the basis of the site rests on being able to select and move between different scenes based on choices, this is to be expected. Otherwise the design and layout looks great and is without any major issues.

A unique concept with great quality content!

This site definitely wins top marks for uniqueness of content and great quality to boot. The choose your own path sort of navigation gives great fun to the process of choosing and watching hardcore porn. Considering the pathways available in a given scene, it’s quite impressive from a filming point of view with what they’ve been able to accomplish! Checking it out is easy since the payment options don’t kick in until you get close to the fucking so you can easily sample how this site works. Definitely worth checking out, if only for the unique factor!


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84% - Very good