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Tonight's Girlfriend review posted: 2016-04-23
Tonight's Girlfriend
Bottom line is that Tonight's Girlfriend offers a great selection of exclusive high definition content centered around the theme of cheating. If you've ever fantisized about getting some outside of your relationship then this might definitely be something that interests you. The scenes are steamy and hot but they aren't authentic - this is professional porn from one of the top porn sites around.

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HD Content, Navigational Features, Exclusive Material
No Bonus Material, No Downloads, No Advanced Search

79% - Good

Tonight’s Girlfriend Review – Cheating with hot pornstars

Have you ever considered what it would be like to get a little on the side, outside of your normal relationship? For those of you who have, but haven’t taken the steps to do so, or don’t want to, there’s Tonights Girlfriend. This site centers around the premise of extramarital affairs featuring some of the hottest pornstars in the business in scenes that range from fucking the secretary, to getting freaky with the lawyer. Keep in mind this is a theme site – these aren’t actual cheating videos but if you’re looking for professional, high quality porn and are turned on by the thought of cheating, then this is definitely a site worth checking out!

If the production style and site design seem familiar, that’s because this is actually created by the same folks responsible for the Naughty America network. Unfortunately you won’t get network access with your membership here, as this is a stand alone site. What you will get is exclusive hardcore porn featuring hot sex scenes in high quality HD. In total members are currently able to enjoy around 200 scenes featuring a video and photo gallery. With updates promised once a week, the site is regularly updating and continuing to grow and expand. Unfortunately there’s one downside and that’s the bizarre fact that none of the content is available for download. Yes, that’s right – everything is streaming and it’s as simple as that.

High quality HD Video!

The newest videos feature fantastic ultra 4k HD and boy, do they look great! Put onto a large monitor, or a big screen, and these are nearly cinematic in quality. Unfortunately that’s not the case for all of the content. The older stuff is definitely shot at a lower quality and the production levels vary throughout the collection. Sometimes you’ll get some shaky camera movements and in others everything is as still as a post orgasmic sleep.

One of the strongest areas of Tonight’s Girlfriend is found in the fantastic navigational features that the site employs. Users enjoy a great selection of tags and categories to find exactly what they’re looking for. The layout of the site is clean and the design is simple and professional. For each video you’ll find a well written description giving you good information about what kind content you’ll see. There’s no advanced search, and that would useful at times, but you already knew we were going to say that, now didn’t you?

A solid theme site with high quality videos but no downloads is a big negative!

We like many things about this site, and if you enjoy hardcore scenes featuring big name pornstars then you probably will too. The collection is decently sized, but is by no means what we would call big. One update per week is a bit on the slower side as well. The biggest negative is the fact that ther aren’t any downloads available. To us, Tonight’s Girlfriend would do well to offer Naughty America network access as part of the package in order to beef up what is otherwise a pretty small offering in exchange for membership.


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79% - Good