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Digital Desire review posted: 2016-03-07
Digital Desire
Bottom line is that if you like your porn with a little bit more class, then Digital Desire is a great collection in terms of both quantity, and quality. The models are gorgeous, the quality is top tier, and the layout of the site is very well done. All of this combines to make it one of the top softcore porn sites on the web. Softcore fans looking for something new should check this out.

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High Quality Content, Huge Library, Great Layout
No Advanced Search, No Bonuses, Model Bios Could Be Better

92% - Outstanding!

Digital Desire Review – Classy models in softcore photos

Digital Desire is the website of well known and respected erotic photographer J. Stephen Hicks. If you’ve spent some time perusing erotica or have any ties to the industry, then you’ll probably already know his name from his work, which has been featured in places like Playboy Magazine and Penthouse. Hell, you probably masturbated to his photos in your tree house during your first sexual explorations. Have been around for quite some time, I don’t think we need to tell you that this is a huge collection. You’re looking at content numbering in the thousands of scenes. If you’re after softcore porn featuring solo, masturbation, and some girl on girl action, then this is definitely a site worth checking out.

We probably don’t need to say it, but quality is absolutely top tier at this excellent site. Videos are available at up to 1920x1080 full HD, which as you can probably imagine look fantastic. While the videos are great, the photos really take the top awards here. You’ll find resolutions that reach 3,000x2,000 and are available for online viewing in five different sizes. You can also download all the content easily to your personal computer with photo sets coming in zip files for ease and convenience.


Quantity is pretty incredible too!

As we mentioned before, in terms of the main content there are thousands of scenes. Being more specific, that comes to more than 3,000 photo sets and over 1,000 videos. To make things even more enticing, there’s also a large area of addition content featuring casting sets. These are enjoyable to explore and give an interesting look at the “backstage” life at Digital Desire. In addition to that there is a model index with basic information about the girls, as well as a blog featuring posts about the site, and even further, a message board, which sees a fair amount of traffic from members. Considering that some of the content stretches back to the year 2,000, the overall quality definitely varies but on the hole this is a great library of excellent material.

The site design is both professional and well thought out. The site is easy to get around with various search tools and browsing functions to help you find the type of girl and content you’re seeking. No complaints in this regard at all. Okay, an advanced search tool would be nice but it’s not that big of a deal.

In terms of less than stellar aspects, there aren’t that many. We’d like to see more information about the models in the index bios. Yeah, you get their basic stats, but it would be great to have more info about their personalities and likes. As mentioned before, the older content definitely is lesser in terms of quality than the stuff being released today. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, and is definitely to be expected from a site that’s been around for as long as this one has.


An excellent erotic photography site.

If you’re seeking a high quality softcore photography site with fantastic girls shot by a world-renowned photographer, then Digital Desire is definitely worth checking out. Quality is definitely high here and the sheer volume of content is definitely enough to justify a membership. Other unique features like the backstage pics and casting videos really help to flesh out the library and take things further than your usual pics/vids. With updates occurring on a weekly basis there plenty of fresh content still coming in regularly. If you’re a fan of erotic photography and softcore scenes then you’re not going to want to give this one a miss!


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92% - Outstanding!