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18X Girls review posted: 2016-03-31
18X Girls
Bottom line is that 18X Girls is a fantastic site featuring absolutely stunning teens in great hardcore videos. The quality is absolutely top notch and a huge library getting regular updates makes this a good investment for those looking for the best teen porn on the web. There aren't any advanced search features but the content is superb!

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Great HD, A large library, regular updates
No Advanced Search, Older Content is lesser quality

89% - Very good

18X Girls Review – Young women exploring their sexuality!

While the girls at 18X Girls may look innocent at first glance, there’s absolutely nothing innocent about these little sex kittens! This is an excellent paid teen site featuring stunning models with young faces, tight bodies, and a sex drive that is bound to put even the most Viagra-powered male porn star to the test! Beyond hardcore fare, you’ll also find plenty of lesbian scenes, as well as solo masturbation and toy play. In short, this is a great site for lovers of teen porn looking for a little bit of everything in one great package!

There’s not any particular premise to the videos on the site – most are just straight up hardcore sex with little to no story involved. The ladies all seem to be Slavic in origin, which in case you didn’t know, means super hot out of this world women with an unbridled taste for hardcore sex. Seriously, what is with these girls? It must be something in the water!

Quality is generally great!

Those looking for high quality scenes featuring gorgeous Eastern European teens will definitely enjoy the content available here. With all content available in full HD ranging from 720p to all the newer content available in 1080p, this is a great looking collection. Photo sets are also equally great looking with the oldest pics available in 3500x2300 and the newest downloadable at a rocking, blow your socks off, lock the door and bring out the lube 5600x3700. Seriously, you should probably invest in a bigger monitor for these babies!

Not only is the content very well produced and high quality, there’s also a lot of it! At writing users had access to around 1,300 different scenes each with a video and accompanying photo set. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s all 100% exclusive but to be honest, the collection just as it stands all together is definitely worth the membership fee. Sure, you could find it somewhere else but why, when you can easily access it all here?

Navigation is a bit of a mixed bag. On the positive side, there is a model directory with basic information about each girl including info like physical stats and links to their other content on the site. A bit more description would be enjoyable though! There’s nothing in the way of an advanced search though there is a basic search tool that you can use to try to narrow down the field of videos to something a bit more manageable. Pagination is definitely an issue when browsing – you’ll quickly realize that getting to the middle of all the content is an epic journey of clicking forward again and again. Users are also able to comment on videos and save favorites to a personal list.

So what about new content? Well, it appears that the site is updating with new scenes every couple of days with a few new scenes going up during a typical week. The site is definitely active and growing, so no issues there. Your membership will also get you access to a couple of bonus sites as well as a number of video feeds and bonus clips. There’s definitely enough content here to last even the most dedicated porn fiend quite a long time!

Definitely a great deal, even with the few shortcomings!

There’s no getting past it that Eastern European women are just plain sexy. They could be wearing sweatpants and eating donuts and you’d still want to fuck them silly. Thankfully, there’s a lot of content here to enjoy and the quality is definitely at the top of the game! Navigation could use some work but all in all the site is still a good deal for great hardcore scenes featuring beautiful Slavic women.


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89% - Very good