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Stranded Teens review posted: 2016-06-18
Stranded Teens
Bottom line is that Stranded Teens definitely sets the bar high for consistent high quality, though not being able to download videos is not just bizarre, it's really fucking annoying too. Definitely check this out for the best hardcore teen sex and network accesss but if you like downloading your content then you will definitely be pissed.

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Excellent HD Video, Clean Interface, Network Access
No Downloads, No Advanced Search Tool

86% - Very good

Stranded Teens Review – Young women will fuck for a ride

I swear, if I came across girls like the ones here while driving, well, I’d probably never get to where I was going. Stranded Teens is a Mofos Network site specializing in hardcore reality porn centered around the theme of hitchhiking young women. The premise is exactly what you’d expect. The driver (or sometimes the driver and his girlfriend, or another friend) see a hot young lady on the side of the road looking in desperate need of a ride. They roll up, the girls lean in, and after a little chat they’re on their way. Of course, this always results in a quick stop where the rider gives a blowjob and has sex. Yes, it’s raunchy, yes, these girls are often professionals (come on, a bride? You didn’t expect us to believe that did you?) and yes it’s absolutely hot!

Consistent quality throughout the collection.

In terms of quality, just the fact that they’re part of Mofos should give you an indication of what to expect. These are some high quality videos with every one that we saw available in HD. Unfortunately, due to some sort of ridiculousness, only old members are able to download videos on the network. For whatever reason new members don’t get that privilege. That gets a major thumbs down from us. You’ll also find a photo gallery corresponding with each scene. These look pretty damn good also with a multiple of sizing options available.

The overall amount of content available on the site numbers more than 100 scenes. These include a video of approximately thirty minutes and a photo set corresponding with the clip. These are typically pretty big, some of them with around 500 pics! While you may still be fuming over not being able to download, the upside of being part of the excellent Mofos Network means that your membership also gets you into all of their other sites. While this site isn’t huge, the entire network hosts a massive library of great hardcore content across over 10 great sites. What’s more, new content is getting added on a weekly basis so we can safely assume the site will continue to grow with time.

Design and layout get big thumbs up from us. You’ll love the ability to save favorites, rate and comment on videos, and even change the way videos are displayed on the main page. You’ll also find a number of handy navigational features that make finding the exact sort of scene you’re looking for no problem at all. These include great category tags as well as a number of sorting options that will make sifting through all the content an easy task. If you decide you’ve had enough of watching hitchhikers get fucked, you can mouse over the network menu bar at the top and choose one of the other sites to go check out. I’d like to see an advanced search tool incorporated (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) but otherwise getting around is no problem.

Great hardcore scenes featuring girls desperate for a ride and willing to do anything!

Sure, it may not be the most unique concept (I mean come on, how many adult videos have used this exact scenario?) but the result, in the case of Stranded Teens, is definitely top notch. You’ll love the consistent quality as well as the numerous ways you can sort content on the site. While not being able to download is a real bummer, hopefully that doesn’t dissuade you from enjoying what this network has to offer. If you like the idea of picking up a hitchhiker and getting a blowjob, or even full on sex in exchange for the ride, then you’ll definitely want to check out this great site.


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86% - Very good