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Chaturbate review posted: 2016-04-01
Bottom line is that Chaturbate easily stands as one of the top cam sites out there at the moment. In general the cam quality is very high and there is a large variety of models to keep you entertained. The tipping system also encourages excitement and in general is effective in this regard. Definitely worth checking out as one of the best sex cam sites on the net!

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Huge variety of cams, unique tipping system, Good Quality Video
No Advanced Search, HD is not always HD

94% - Outstanding!

Chaturbate Review – Tip to encourage model action!

While the idea of a chat live cam site combined with masturbation and other sex acts isn’t in any way new, the folks at Chaturbate have done a good job of creating an excellent platform for using this sort of service. If you’re a fan of live porn chat, then you definitely need to check out this site. The best part? It’s totally free to try out. In fact, if you’re happy with the basic features, you never have to pay a single dime at all! How does that happen? Well, read on to find out why this is one of the best chat sex sites in the world and how you can join in on the fun!

Okay, so what’s the deal? Did you say a ‘free’ cam site? Yes, hold your astonishment, because indeed we did. If you wanted to, you could watch cam girls perform (and they really do get into it in many cases) here for the rest of your life and you’d never have to spend a dime. Of course, that would make you a cheap bastard and you’d never get to see any of the truly awesome stuff that you can get on this site. Basically, the premise behind it is buying credits and tipping girls. Of course you can buy private time, and even particular types of shows. Users can also band together in small groups to have small group shows. It’s a cheaper way to have a ‘personal show.’ Sure, you aren’t the only one calling the next move, but you’re also not competing with a thousand other hungry users with their own desires and clicking power.

Thumbs up to the great tipping option on this site!

What happens, and what makes this a very unique site, is that you’ll be in a chat cam session with hundreds, perhaps even a thousand other people. Everyone wants to see something different, and by tipping, they can get the girl to do it for the crowd. In some cases the girl will offer to do something special in exchange for a collective tip from the entire audience. This isn’t just masturbation – there are couple cams with full on sex, all sorts of insertions – basically the sky is the limit.

Unfortunately there’s no bouncer to intervene when a particular drunk patron gets out of hand, but most viewers are respectful and stay in line. Really though, it’s in your best interest to tip. It’s a better experience for you, for everyone else, and it’s how the site functions. Remember, these girl’s have gotta make a living somehow! As a side note, the girls tend to remember who tips them and who’s there often. This is just like any strip club in the world and let me tell you, the better you tip (and this goes for any industry cheapskates!) the better you’ll be served the next time you’re around.

Creating an account and becoming active on the site also has additional benefits. You can see the shows via different cam angles and can also take part in private messaging with girls and other users. Quality-wise the cams are a little hit or miss. Some say HD but from the looks of it, actually aren’t, while others are really quite good. Overall I’d say that compared with other cam sites, the shows here are definitely much better.

Navigation is pretty simple on the site. You can choose between men, women, shemales, and couple shows. Beyond that it’s anyone’s guess what you’ll find. Basically choose your general area and start browsing. We’d like to see a more advanced search feature to allow quick and easy finding of particular characteristics, but hey, everything in time, right?

Definitely a strong offering for fans of cam sex!

If you enjoy cam sites then this one should definitely be at the top of your list. We loved the tipping option, and to be honest, while there are other sites out there that have this, the content quality at Chaturbate just seemed a lot better. That’s probably a reflection of how easy to use the site is. There are some issues though. In particular we’d like to see more advanced search features. You’ve heard us say that a million times though. Check this out for something a little different than your typical pay by the month cam site!


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94% - Outstanding!